map table with resin

Custom Design - Your Design or Logo - Oak Wood Coffee Table with glow epoxy Resin New Design Interior Decor


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    We can make your own design or your logo!
    Your design may have:
    - glow resin (blue, green or red)
    - crystal resin
    - blue, red white black resin

    Size of table - medium:
    - wood part 60 x 60 cm (23,6 x 23,6 inches)
    - high 40cm (15,75 inches)
    - wood thickness is 40mm (1,57 inches)

    Also we can make table 90x60cm or small 30x30.

    The guiding principle of each of our products is that it is unique and also gives the interior a character in which it is located. I want my products users to give a sense of uniqueness. We believe that every detail matters and that only in this way can we create a perfect product. The table is not only unique, it has a well-thought-out design and the whole production process is done manually, except for laser engraving.

    We use spacial crystal resin to fill all engraved part and to be able to have MULTI SURFACE table, it means that you can feel wood and resin on the each side. Resin is shinning and oak wood is mat.

    It looks like no other table you ever seen, and that was our goal while designing.

    You have unique view to have all most important things in the city on the map.

    Legs for table are made with steel and poured painted,
    You can chose 4 deterrent shapes for legs and 4 colors.

    Shape of legs:
    - two side thin 20x20mm
    - two side thick 30x30mm
    - full thin 20x20mm
    - full thick 30x30mm

    All wood part is cover by special oil for wood safely to use with food.


    I hope you'll enjoy!